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Friday, July 15, 2011

Gaming Communities - Pogo Offers Free Game Play For All Ages By Joseph Stutzman

There are dozens of online gaming communities that you can join. Some are totally adult oriented, while others are targeted at children. You can play for money, as in gambling games, or you can play for fun.
One such gaming community is Pogo, which you can locate just by searching or going to There are two platforms under which you can join. You can always join for free, and many people play on Pogo in this manner, but that also involves having scheduled intermissions during your game play for advertisements from their sponsors. This is not a non-profit organization, so advertising is how they make their money. But, you can also pay just about $35 a year and play uninterrupted. Game play is unlimited for that cost and down-time is very rare.
Pogo is not a super advanced site. There is no role playing, as in World of Warcraft or others. The games are under categories such as: Card, Board, Puzzle, Word, Casino and Arcade & Sports. In almost all cases you can play against the computer or against other gamers in rooms. The rooms are divided into topics and into ages and sometimes into levels of skill or the number of people in a game. Each game also allows you to set certain options for play. Each game also has a tutorial on how to play and most games allow you to practice with "robots". The site is very user friendly and designed in such a way as to allow almost anyone to play the games. Many of these games are the same games you grew up with or are growing up with.
Yes, kids regularly play under their parents' accounts here. Tabs in many games allow you to choose age groups from teens to 50s and up. Each game also has chat rooms, which allow you to go to a private chat room if you wish to play with a special group of people and talk privately. The public chat rooms that are more on an 'adult only' level will be annotated under the room options and it is a simple matter of not going to those rooms to find clean, curse-free, fun. As with all gaming sites, it is recommended that younger children be monitored on what rooms they are in and it can still be 'family game night' in front of the computer with Pogo. The paid version is called Club Pogo and there are some games that are only for paid membership, but there are more than enough games for play that are not under the fee-based club.
Under Card games you have a number of different types of solitaire, hearts, gin, bridge and canasta. Board games include Monopoly, Dominoes, Cribbage, Chess, Trivial Pursuit, Risk, Backgammon and Battleship. Word games include Word Whomp, Crossword Cove, Scrabble, Word Search and the like. Puzzle games include Mahjong and a number of fun games for different levels of play. The Casino games are what you might think, but you are always playing for tokens, not money. Under Arcade & Sport you can play Pool, Golf and Shuffle Board.
Most games have a jackpot amount of money associated with them which is annotated in the menu. The dollar amount goes up to $4999 with the jackpots doubled up to $4999 for Club Pogo members. You can also win badges for playing, which is where the real fun comes in. Winning the jackpot is like winning the lottery-winners are few and far between, but each week new challenges for new games are announced and the goal is to win that badge. You can even look over your badges that you've won so far and you can go back to get badges you weren't able to get on the first go-round. The ultimate gamers will fill the annual badge album. Tokens also add up and you can use them to enter money or gift contests, kind of like a raffle.
On the whole, Pogo is a family-friendly site that offers a wide variety of games. They have even expanded to include downloadable games and they have a 'mini-mall' where you can design an avatar, called a 'mini' and can change wardrobe, hairstyles, accessories and backgrounds as the seasons or your whim change, all for the price of a few tokens. Your 'mini' has no other function but to be present in game rooms and is not animated, though some of the backgrounds are.
If you are looking for a place for good, clean, fun and a place where you can make friends or chat with strangers, then Pogo is worth looking into. It won't cost you a thing to check it out.
Along with writing, Joseph enjoys working in his flower gardens. Garden Harvest Supply is one of his favorite gardening web sites where you can buy perennial plants and potted bushes.
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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Free Pogo Token Anytime - Quick, Easy, Proven... Do I Need to Say More? By Ray Abraham

If you've been into mini-gaming in the last few years, then chances are you know already what Pogo is. And if you're familiar with Pogo, you'll know what this article is about. "Free Pogo Token" is one of the most popular Pogo-related search on Google today.

Token is the main virtual currency in Pogo. There is another currency called Gems, but because it's not free, it's not as popular as Token. You can use Token for many different purposes, from participating in periodic lottery drawings, buying stuff for your Mini (Pogo avatar) to gambling in Pogo casino games. As you can see, all of them is very addictive in nature. No wonder Token has become so popular in relatively short time.

Here's my latest findings regarding the best ways to earn free Pogo Token:

1. Playing fast and easy game
You want it fast but don't want your hands to get dirty? Then this is for you! Basically you need to play games that are fast and easy to finish. Games like Poppit! To Go and Word Whomp To Go are not recommended, because: a) They are slow, i.e. require much thinking. b) There are chances that you don't succeed. If you ask me, I'd recommend Sweet Tooth To Go, especially to people just starting out, because it has none of these hassles. You can see it as free Pogo Token in its purest form!

2. Trade it with real money, a.k.a. buy it
In my research I have found that there are two kind of popular Token deal. The first is starting from $4.99 for 1 million Tokens and climbing up to as high as $99.99 for 35 million Tokens. This is especially good if you're tight on budget (under $5) or do not need more than 1 million. Why? Because the second deal is a much better deal: starting from $5.50 for 5 million Tokens climbing up to $100 for 100 million Tokens!

3. The Do It Yourself (DIY) way
Want more control? Prefer to do it yourself? No problem. Some cheat gurus can teach you this for a fraction of the dollars. Once you master it, generating millions of free Pogo Token will be a breeze.
If you want to learn from a real guru that's been doing this for more than a decade, then click here.

96,000 free Pogo Token daily is not hoax at all... I do it every single day!

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Free Pogo Tokens By Donald Plourde

There is a commodity on line that is becoming looked for in great numbers; it is free Pogo tokens, they are the currency that is used on the popular games site Pogo. This cyber currency that Pogo has created is used on there site in a number of ways, some players use the tokens to buy various things for there profile character. Things like new clothing for your character or a new cyber object like a new car. You can also buy tickets to play the lottery they have and win some great prizes.

The way that players acquire new tokens is by playing games on there site as well as offline. They can also win and lose a lot of Pogo tokens playing games like the slots and poker, a lot of poker players are always looking for free pogo tokens. You can go through a lot of Pogo tokens when you have a bad day at the poker tables.

There are a lot of ways of getting free Pogo tokens that are much faster then playing games to get them. The problem with games is that you only get a very small amount of tokens each time you win, and with some games like slot machine you can actually lose more Pogo tokens then you win. The only games that seem to allow you to win any amount of tokens are games like poker, were the pots can get pretty big with tokens that you could win instantly.

Other sources of free Pogo tokens are websites that have a list of links, were by clicking the links the person receives any were from a few hundred to a few thousand free Pogo tokens. With these links you have to be signed into your pogo account in order for the links to work.

Other places a person can get tokens is by buying them from various sites that sell large amounts of tokens for a small amount of money usually selling one million tokens for five dollars. This can be a great way to get a large amount of tokens but has the drawback of having to supply these merchants with your Pogo login information in order for them to credit your account with the tokens.

There are other sites that give there members 96,000 free Pogo tokens just for signing up, and an additional 96,000 every time the members sign up for free offers they send to there members in the mail. There are a lot of ways of getting free Pogo tokens online and lots of ways to use them up when on Pogo.
If you would like to learn more about getting 96,000 free Pogo tokens come visit us by Clicking the link. If you want to learn how you can give yourself 96,000 Pogo tokens every day for as long as there's a Pogo then check this out this link []

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